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Qur'anic Studies

The Quran is the Holy Book of Islam in which Allah (God) reveals all His teachings to the Muslims. It is every Muslim’s duty to study the Quran, to understand its meanings and to apply them in everyday life. Memorizing parts of the Quran is very important to every Muslim, as it is a requirement for prayer and worship of Allah.

It is our utmost responsibility to teach our children the proper way to read, memorize and eventually understand and implement Quran in their lives. 

The curriculum includes:

  • Aqeedah (creed)

  • Seerah (Biography)

  • Tafseer

  • Salah (Prayer)

  • Etiquettes and Memorizations of Surahs (Chapters)

  • Duas (Supplications)

  • Islamic Leadership 

Teach your children Qur'an and the Qur'an will teach them EVERYTHING

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