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Iveco Power Truck 01-2013 Torrent (Latest)




.. Friday, April 28, 2012 Hello, everybody. "PG" here, a Facebook friend and follower of HOTINNER. I want to thank everybody that stops by my blog to see what is new. They know I have some good stuff. You know there is a lot of research out there if you want to make changes in your vehicles. My focus is on the engine and other mechanical problems that occur in the vehicles. There was an article in the New York Times Magazine in April of 2003 (page 125) on the Japanese engine manufacturer Iveco. It said that three companies, including Iveco, account for 80% of the world's luxury passenger trucks. I was curious why Iveco was so dominant in the luxury truck market and found that there was some explanation. I will list the explanation below for everybody to see. 1. Iveco was founded by Adriaan Iveco and started as a construction machinery company in 1938. 2. Iveco's founder was interested in building steam engines which were old timey, but the company has adapted and uses gas engines. 3. In the 1970s and 1980s, Iveco's founder helped out with his knowledge in gas engines to help the growing diesel engine companies such as DAF (Diesel Engine) and MAN. 4. In 1971, Iveco started to build light commercial trucks and tractors. 5. In 1989, Iveco acquired his competitors in the road vehicle industry and in 1991 built its first semi-trailer truck. 6. In 1993, Iveco developed its Iveco Eurostar which set a production standard for heavy duty trucks and vans. 7. Iveco entered the US market in 1995 and ended up gaining market share for heavy duty trucks and buses. 8. Iveco's business grew to over 75 billion dollars in 2008. 9. In 2008, Iveco was working on producing a diesel natural gas engine to produce the dual use of both diesel and natural gas. Iveco wanted to build the engine to be part of the existing NVZV family of engines. 10. In 2009, Iveco's NVZV engines were approved for highway use and are now sold in the US under the Iveco name





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Iveco Power Truck 01-2013 Torrent (Latest)
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