Our History

IQRA Bilingual Academy, located in Senegal, West Africa, opened its doors in 2010 with 20 students in a single residential facility. In its short history, the school has experienced a growth unsurpassed by other private schools in the area. The 2011-2012 school year saw a 600% rise (125 students) in enrollment. To accommodate this growth and maintain its commitment to small class sizes, the school leased two more facilities in walking distance from the Main Administrative Building and split into three divisions: Pre-School, Lower School (Elementary), and Upper School (Middle School and High School). Classes currently range from Age 2 to 12th Grade.

Over the last decade African countries have improved their overall policies, making their infrastructure productive and welcoming to immigrants from all nations who are looking for new opportunities and an improved quality of life abroad.

IQRA Bilingual Academy’s clientele is mostly Americans, Embassy families, and Senegalese moving back to Senegal after a number of years living abroad and who desire educational environments, curricula, and pedagogical methods which mirror the best models around the globe and are guided by the principles of Islam.  

The 2012-2013 school year opened in a brand new four-story renovated office building in Point E. The facility now has a dedicated library, early childhood center, cafeteria, computer lab, and science lab to accommodate the school’s broad academic and social programs.


The current student body, totaling 340, resides within a 40-kilometre radius of the school. 

In May 2017, IQRA Bilingual Academy became the first Islamic-centered international school to achieve accreditation by the Middle States Association on the continent.  

IQRA BA is presently a member of the Association of Independent African Schools (AISA), a collaborative learning community of accredited, internationally-minded schools in Africa, which provides targeted services and relevant resources, facilitates innovative programmes, and connects people.


School Profile


Founding Year          

Nieshaakema James-SARR

Student Body            
350 students, representing the U.S., Senegal,  Canada, Nigeria, Pakistan, Sudan, Qatar, Eritrea, India, & several countries in Europe.

School faculty consists of a Director, Upper School Vice Principal, Lower School Vice-Principal, Human Resources Director, a librarian, a school nurse, 37 teachers and 63 classified staff members.

We follow an American, standard-based (Common Core, AERO, NSTE) curriculum for the core subjects: English, Math, History, Technology, Science; the Ministry of Education in Senegal's program for French and Physical Education; and an international curriculum for the Qur'an, Islamic Studies, and Arabic.

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