General Studies


(Mini-section to Grand Section) 

Children are blessings from Allah (God). Our responsibility to them is to instill an awareness and dependence on Allah to live their lives. The childhood experience represents the child's first experience in a structured classroom setting, and as such, we intend to make this introduction to school a pleasant and productive encounter. 


(Kindergarten to Grade 5)

Excellence in education for motivated young learners is what our Elementary Division strives for with every student. The staff has taken the mission to heart in creating an environment for students to help them become Islamically strong, academically successful, well-balanced, and prepared for future challenges. Our elementary division serves a great number of students from a variety of backgrounds, experiences and cultures.


(Grade 6 - Grade 12)

The purpose of our Upper School division is to provide an Islamic environment of mutual respect and  co-operation in the final years of the   6-12 schooling for our students.  It is our goal to produce strong graduates marching into a variety of universities across the globe and becoming  positive contributors to the school communities they become a part of insha’Allah. These years are a time of rapid growth in a young person’s life, involving complex and irregular physiological and emotional change. 

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