Obligatory documentation for Mini section and Petite section students: 

  • Copy of updated Immunization records

  • Birth certificate or copy of passport

  • 4 Photos

Ages of Mini and Petite section students:
Mini section students must be aged 18 months on or before August 31st, 2018.
Petite section students must be 2.5 years old on or before  August 31st, 2018.
Family interview: The prospective student and his parents must be present                to meet a team of teachers and/or administrators.  We are concerned about learning many things about the child including the main caregivers role in  assisting the child to become an excellent IQRA BA student.
Important note to parents: Mini and Petite section students are evaluated throughout the year.  During mid-year conferences, parents are informed about the academic, social emotional and physical development of their child.  In some cases, some students must repeat their current class.

*Mini-Section and Petite Section students may enroll on a first-come, first-served basis. 

Obligatory documentation to schedule testing:

  • Complete the Application Form
    Application Forms can be downloaded on this page or picked up in the Front Office.

  • 4 Passport Photos

  • Transcripts for the current school; past 2 years preferable

  • Birth certificate or copy of passport

  • Immunization Records

  • $100,000 CFA deposit  ($25,000f cfa NON REFUNDABLE) for assessment and administrative fees and 75,000 f cfa REFUNDABLE or APPLIED towards upcoming years’ registration fees


  1. If the prospective student is accepted into IQRABA, and enrolls their child within two weeks, $75,000 will be applied to their registration fees for the 2018-2019 school year.

  2. If the student did not show up to registered test date or was not accepted, only the $75,000 f cfa will be refunded.

  3. Any students that would like to re-test, will have to pay the $100,000 fee again. Same conditions will apply.

  4. If the prospective student is accepted into IQRABA, but denies enrollment within 2 weeks of the test date, the $75,000 f cfa will be refunded.

  5. If the prospective student is accepted into IQRABA, but does not enroll within two weeks only $50,000 will be refunded.


Applying from abroad?

Follow the steps.

Send in completed application and transcripts for last 2 years PLUS 100,000 CFA 


Arrange an admissions interview via SKYPE or WhatsAPP.


Submit any supplemental documentation that is requested after your initial document review and/or interview. Wait for an Admissions decison. 


If you are granted admission, registration fees must be paid within two weeks to guarantee your place. 


Enrolled students will be given a placement test upon their arrival to determine their most appropriate grade level. 

Download Forms here.

Test and Interviewing:

  • Students admitted into Mini section and Petite section will not be tested.  Student and family interviews are obligatory.

  • ENGLISH for all English speaking students Moyenne section until grade 8

  • FRENCH for all FRENCH speaking students Moyenne section until grade 8

  • ​Obligatory ENGLISH testing for all students Grades 9-12

  • Students entering Grades K-12 will also meet with their respective Vice-Principal to discuss past academic and spiritual experiences and to orientate candidate on academic. spiritual, and behavioral expectations at IQRABA.

  • All students who apply to Grades 9-12 will be interviewed by the Director and/or and an appointed administrator before being tested

Schedule a Placement Test
​Testing Dates: April 21, May 12, June 23,30; Jul 5, 17; Aug 7, 28

All Moyenne Section to Grade 12 students are required to sit for a diagnostic placement tests in math and reading. These tests help us to determine how best to meet the academic needs of each student. Additional documentation may be requested to support your child's application. 

Parents/guardians of pre-school children may be interviewed to discuss test results or observed behavior.

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