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Dear respected parents, guardians, and our beautiful children,

Assalaamou Alaikoum, May peace and blessings of Allah be upon you all!

I would like to welcome you all, to IQRA Bilingual Academy School (IQRABA) Website that contains the rules, regulations, and policies of our School. 

IQRABA was established 2010 and has been growing at an astounding rate since that time. The main goals of the school are to provide a high quality international education and to graduate students who will practice Islam as a complete way of life. Furthermore, the school is the foundation upon which we hope to build Islamic leaders and a living Islamic community that adheres to the Quran and Sunnah.
Here at IQRABA we strive to build generations of students who have a strong Muslim Identity, are college and career ready, are globally competitive and are productive citizens.   Providing quality education, which is full of Taleem, Tarbiah, Adaab, and Akhlaq, is indeed a real challenge. I ask Allah (SWT) to help us all accomplish the objectives we have set for this year. I am sure that with the grace of Allah (SWT), parental support, and the help of the community we will Insha’Allah be able to face the challenges, and will achieve our goals. Providing quality education, which is full of Taleem, Tarbiah, Adaab, and Akhlaq, is indeed a real challenge. I ask Allah (SWT) to help us all accomplish the objectives we have set for this year.
I’d like to seize this opportunity to put forward some important guidelines in educating children:      
1 • Parents are highly advised to read and learn the ways of the prophet (pbuh) as well as his manners and ways in education.      
2 • A part of your duties is to watch your children and follow up with their activities; help them choose righteous friends, and read interesting and useful books; solve their problems through persuasion, and with wisdom.       
3 • Teach your children Al-Qur’an and Sunnah; Awaken their desire for Al-Jannah (Paradise), and warn them of An-Naar (Hellfire).      
4 • Teach your child the utterance and saying of La’ilaha illa-Laah, Mohammadur-Rrasul-ul-Laah (There is no god worthy of worship but Allah, Mohamed is the Messenger of Allah) from his/her early age, for it is a benefaction and a blessing.      
5 • Teach your children to ask no one but Allah and seek His help; instill in them, from their early age, His love and faith in Him alone.      
6 • Warn your children of blasphemy, cursing, or using any bad language, and of stealing and lying.      
7 • Warn your children of gambling, even if it’s for fun.       
8 • Train your child to pray and fast and show him/her their benefits.       
9 • Warn your children of smoking and advise them to eat what is good.      
10 • Train children to be righteous in deeds and in words.      
11 • Make your daughter love Al-hijab in her early age so she’d be committed to it when she grows up.       
12 • Train your child to use his/her right hand in giving and receiving things, eating or drinking, and while writing.      
13 • Teach your children bravery, encouraging kindness and forbidding abominable acts.      
14 • Buy educational and valuable Islamic story books for your children so they may learn from them.We hope you will communicate with your child and his or her teacher about study habits and homework, and ensure that your child arrives at school on time ready to learn every day.If you have any questions, the staff at IQRABA and I will be more than happy to assist you. 
Jazakum Allah Khairan for entrusting your child to us. I am looking forward to a successful year at IQRABA, insha’Allah.
Sincerely Yours in Learning,
Nieshaakema JAMES-SARR
Our Philosophy

“We believe that…”

  • knowledge is one of the glorious gifts of Allah (subhaanaahu wa ta’ala) and that the seeking of knowledge throughout life is an obligation on every Muslim.

Our History

IQRA Bilingual Academy, located in Senegal, West Africa, opened its doors in 2010 with 20 students in a single residential facility. In its short history, the school has experienced a growth unsurpassed by other private schools in the area. 

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